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Terraria Server

Postby Jerimis » 21 Aug 2011, 14:37

Hello. Since i cant open a new Topic at ‹ Support and FAQ ‹ Terraria , i need to write here.

Server-ip is
i set the Server offline for now.

Its been like 4h30 ago, when i first time where able to Login at my Control Planel (new costumer, fresh setup gameserver).
Since than, nothing worked as it should. Thankfully the Ticket-Support helped me 2x and all seem very good until an half hour ago.

The Problem, where i gave up now, is that i cant install any Tmod Related Plugins. I cant add anyone to Mod (an admin group) and the server
keep laag (cant pickup stuff, or build items dont show up after relog), and changes aint saved at all.

I looked quite a bit around at the Internet what i can do.

But most i read is that i have to change the Config.xml and the serverconfig.txt . Even a Posting at ‹ Support and FAQ ‹ Terraria answerd by an Admin said that.

The Problem where i stand now, is that i cant configue, cant view, and cant download those files.

i dont know what the heck is going on, and why nothing is working how it should

a downcast Costumer

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Re: Terraria Server

Postby Dimitri » 21 Aug 2011, 15:14


make sure the tmod plugins you install are compatible with the tmod version installed. Due to frequent updates certain plugins might not be up to date.

I corrected a few typos in your plugins field (config.yml)
basically you have to put only the plugin names and <string> stuffs:

Code: Select all


anything else there may result in the server failing to load properly.

As for mods you need to add their IP's using this format in the mods field:

I would also suggest you to have a look and test the tshock mod as it seems to be ways more stable and thats the mod recommended even on terraria official page:

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Re: Terraria Server

Postby Jerimis » 21 Aug 2011, 15:57

Tmod was one of the "only" reasons for me to rent a Server :)

As it goes for the Plugins, i havent done anything else than to add the strings.


was allready inside as default, so i was going from the point, everthing will be okay, since this picture (of config.xml) shown it the same: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/26324540/config.png

i never thought of it, to delete the default, and jus to write <string>pluginname</string>, but now it seems to work.

The only other Problem that came up again, is that after Reconnect, i get the Message that my Character Name allready Exist on the Server even if i Disconnected few seconds ago.
but i think, this is one of the lesser problems i got right now :)

You helped me alot Dimitri. Ill try the Mod group with IP and see what happens

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Re: Terraria Server

Postby Dimitri » 21 Aug 2011, 16:13

For plugins stick to the format I mentionned, the <Plugins> are included in our config template even if not viewable in config editor.

I understand if you want to stick to tmod, I was only making a suggestion as tshock seems to be prefered even my terraria devs and we didnt have issues yet with it.

I will try to reproduce your bug but thats something you should report on tmod website already so it gets eventually fixed in next release.

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Re: Terraria Server

Postby Jerimis » 21 Aug 2011, 17:07

i know. i didnt said anything against ur suggestion.

Well. i done as u said, everything looked fine, except that nothing spawnd, but oh well..

Until i saw, that the map, wasnt even fully loaded. Nor the Server send me the data or me didnt even be able to pickup anything ...
here good to see: http://steamcommunity.com/id/jerimis/sc ... tab=public

So i Stopped the Server, put as Mod Vanilla (original without mods) and connected back after starting the server.
A friend of mine, was than on the server, askd me what i done, since it took me so long to come back.

I told him i restarted the server, and he ment, hell no, he was on all the time, nothing happend...

So i was WTF, gone to the Control Planel, stopped the Server ... Connected again, and ? ... i was online.

i allready knew ill get few "Starting Problems", but that they allready take up this long, i would have never imagine...

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Re: Terraria Server

Postby Dimitri » 21 Aug 2011, 17:34

that was again the bug I mentionned, tmod seems to start its own process out of monitor control (independant process), this started happening with the autoupdate feature which I then disabled. Do you by any chance ever perform actions in game that may lead to a restart initiated by tmod itself?

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Re: Terraria Server

Postby Jerimis » 21 Aug 2011, 17:46

The only things i done Ingame was to try set myself as Admin with the /opme Password command.
That didnt worked so i changed the Configuration at the Control planel

Config.xml tmod Configuration (tmod must be installed first) Edit


Default Config Files

I klicked on Save, and a Green Info Box told me, that the Changes will only work after the server Restarts.
Thats what i done. I gone on Game Servers and Restarted my Server. When that was done, i gone online again, but it still didnt worked.

So i disconnected, and gone back to the Control Planel, Changed the Options another time, Saved.
But this time i Shuted the server down with "Stop".

When the Browser showd: Status: Stopped i pressed Start again.
Than i was able to connect, but it still didnt worked. So i Disconnected to Connect again, and i got the Message, that i allready exist on the Server.

After several Trys, i wrote a Support Ticket, and i got told what u just said, Tmod started another instance. It got killed, and my server restarted.

When i gone online after that, everything worked how it should (except the plugins)

i was able to /opme (set myself as admin) register, and so on.

But as the Plugins still didnt wanted to work, and after trying whoknows what with change directorys of the plugin dll, and change config again, start, stop, restart the server, i got a burnout and wrote at the Forums, not to bother the Support-Ticket man/lady.

With ur help, the plugins worked fine, i was able to op myself, other, and make mods.

The only thing that happend than, is that i wonderd again, why nothing spawns (no npc, enemys, nothing) so we made an adventure after we saw that we cant pickup anything. and we saw, that the server didnt load the whole map. http://steamcommunity.com/id/jerimis/sc ... tab=public

and the rest, what happend after, i wrote above.


In the meantime, i made a Topic at Official T-Mod forums. didnt got any reply so far.


And, since the other prozess is killed by u by hand, i can try start the server again, in vanilla mode. and see if any mobs spawn at all
(the map was created server side)




I tested Vanilla mode.
The server runs perfect.
There are Slimes, BUNNYS :D , and i recived Data from the Server (saw upper right corner the buffering)
So it got either somethin to do with the Plugins or Tmod itself, why i dont recive the whole map at all...

I readed on the Site of the Plugin-Maker, when some of the Plugins dont work as they should, u have to "unblock" them.
"Plugin don't want to run? ('marked as safe' warning)
1. Right-click the blocked DLL file, and then click Properties.
2. In the General tab, click Unblock.-" QUOTE END

But i dont if im even able to do that or if that is even needed

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Re: Terraria Server

Postby Dimitri » 21 Aug 2011, 17:58

well if you want to run tests im fine, do what you cna on your side then open a support ticket and i will do the right click part.

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