Problem with server.

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Problem with server.

Postby Jwoolley » 05 Aug 2011, 00:00


Sorry if this is in the wrong section, I didn't know which section to put this in.

I have recently taken over a server from a friend who had enough of playing minecraft, he gave me full control over the control panel. I have been in charge of it now for about 1/2 a month.

But today at about 11pm the server just stopped, I tried accessing the control panel but came up with invalid username or password I did recovery my password, I got sent an email with a link which let me in to the control panel. Where it normally says status: Running it comes up with Disabled but I don't know why it says that.

So if you would be able to help me it would make me very happy to know what has happened.

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Re: Problem with server.

Postby Dimitri » 05 Aug 2011, 00:11


the server has more likely been suspended for being unpaid.
If you can still log on the panel open a support ticket providing your full name, email, address so we can update the billing details if you wish to renew the server by paying its unpaid invoice


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