General terms and conditions

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General terms and conditions

Postby Dimitri » 21 Oct 2010, 10:24

• General Terms and Conditions
In consideration of use of the Service, you agree to:
1° provide true, accurate, current and complete information about yourself as prompted by our Registration Form
2° to maintain and update this information to keep it true, and complete. If any information provided by you is untrue or incomplete, has the right to terminate your service and disallow you from subscribing to any other services provided by reserves the right to cancel the customer’s service at any given time if we have any suspicion of them not abiding to this terms of service agreement.

• Pricing
Rates: Subscriber acknowledges that the nature of the Service furnished and the initial rates and charges have been communicated to Subscriber. Subscriber is aware that the Business may prospectively change the specified rates and hosting / server accounts from time to time on its Web site. Any Subscriber who has signed up at a certain monthly pricing rate and hosting / server specification size will remain on that pricing/specification. Of course, you may upgrade to a new hosting / server offer during this time, if required. Our advertised plans may increase or decrease in price at anytime depending on the current market. will make a best effort to communicate any changes in pricing or packages to the customer and make this information available on our website.

• Server Uptime
Customers are responsible for their server’s uptime. If the customer’s server happens to be down they should reboot the server from the Control Panel Software provided by or contact the support staff through the support system (i.e. support tickets / email / website). Although staff does monitor the servers regularly, we cannot monitor each and every game server. On most occasions our Control Panel Software will reboot your game server if there is a crash but sometimes this is not the case, if the server has not rebooted please contact the support team.

• Payments & Cancellations
All payments are due before service is processed. Service payments are expected on or before their due date. Since the termination of service is automated, requests to cancel your service will be ignored. It is up to the service subscriber to make the cancellation by not paying the next invoice. If server has not been cancelled and payment continues due to the automatic billing system, this is due to the lack of communication from the customer, therefore no refunds will be placed. The customer agrees that failure to cancel his or her service obligates him or her to make payment and finish the next term. If the customer subscriped to paypal automatic payments it is up to the customer to cancel the subscription on his paypal account.

• Refund does not refund unless we, have failed to provide you the service you have paid for. To get a refund you must first have warned us about the fact you did not receive your service(s) in time (24 - 48 hours), after that we will take the measures to deliver your service within 24 hours and if that is not possible you will get a refund. Whereas we do our best to answer our customers in a very short delay, please consider that refund requests related to client side problems or not justified or being the result of a lack of communication from the client side will be simply ignored.

• Credit Card / Paypal Use
You must be 18 years of age to submit a payment on site via credit card /paypal. Also, if the name and/or address on the credit card do not match the name and/or address on the customer account with the owner of the card/paypal account must Email us a copy (scan/picture) of his ID card.

• Server Inspections reserves the right to inspect the customer’s services at any time to ensure they are in accordance to the terms of service agreement.

• Personal Folders
Any personal folders found on shared game server accounts or redirect accounts will be deleted without notice and a warning will be issued. If any subsequent occurrences are discovered a 20.00€ penalty fee will be incurred.

• Server Modifications
All modifications of the stock game server provided are installed at the clients own risk. Server crashes or down time caused by the server modifications is not the fault of will not provide any refunds for downtime as a result of improperly installed modifications.

• Disk space
Most our offers are not restricted in terms of disk space assuming the files are necessary for the service to run/work properly. You agree to frequently delete your old log files. For certain games those log files can be automatically deleted by our monitor system if they are 3 days old or more.
Any non necessary file / non related to the service rented can be deleted without advise.

• Server Bots does not allow bots to run on game servers with exception to thoes customers who have added them on to the order (contact admin).

• Service Add-on uninstalls reserves the right to uninstall or remove any file, server patch or modification that causes or may cause degradation in system performance, increased vulnerability of the servers, or effects the overall quality of service for other customers. Please check with Tech Support staff before hand to ensure that your mod qualifies to standards.

• General Use
While in/using any machines, servers, or services offered by, you may not: Engage in any activities that would cause excessive distress or slander upon any other person; transmit or copy any data that is not owned, licensed by you, is obscene or racially/ethically objectionable.

• Database
Databases provided by can be used by services provided by only (such as game servers). A phpmyadmin access can be given to the user for the database management but no remote connection will ever be allowed.

• Hacking
Any customer caught Hacking servers/equipment will have their service terminated and will not receive a refund. This includes hacking the routers, switch's, or operating systems on the machines themselves, or through any other type of access (such as FTP, Telnet, SSH, etc). Hacking will be determined as attempting to access any system or subsystem you are not given express consent by to access.

• Limitations of Support will provide support for hardware and network related issues. Customers are responsible for services and software either pre-installed or installed after taking possession of the service. Configuration Issues related to the client's actions are not covered under 'downtime' refunds.

• Failure to comply
Failure to comply with the Terms of Service will result in termination of the customer’s Service without refunds. We reserve the right to change this document at any time. Last Updated October 21th 2010.

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