Read me : Did you try this ?

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Read me : Did you try this ?

Postby Dimitri » 11 Sep 2009, 16:02

You uploaded a mod, edited a config or did anything on your server and it does not work anymore?

Follow these steps to get it back online in a few minutes before making a support request :

If you created a backup copy of your server using the "backyp my server button" :

    Push the button "recover my server", in 90% of the cases it will solve your problem
    This did not work? Reinstall your server, if the fresh reinstalled server work, you can push the recover my server button again and see if your server comes back online. If it does not your backup copy must be corrupted, submit a support ticket to get an admin looking at it.

If you never created a backup copy :

    Try to step back in the latest changes you made if that is possible : delete the latest files you uploaded and remove the config parameters you added then restart your server.
    If you did not make much changes on your server and dont bother losing them you can directly reinstall your server.
    Else submit a support ticket to get an admin having a look at it.

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