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Postby Shoke » 28 Feb 2012, 13:13

Project Name: Rox Mod / Birth Year: 2010.

Developers: juSty & Shoke

About Rox Mod:

Based on ideas/suggestions by many other players, this mod is not only developed by its coders, it's a shared project that grow with the sof2 community. The developers mainly want to bring fun back in this game with gametypes such as Demolition, Cops&Robbers, Zombies. They also want to provide a stable and bugless mod to propose the smoothest gameplay.

Rox Mod - Main features:

- Shortcut Commands ( !uc [id/name] )

- Ip2Country (SQLite System when running a server with DLL, Normal Ip2Country System when using .QVM)

- Admins with password ( for people with dynamic IP )

- Gametypes: Hide&Seek, Demolition, Capture the flag, infiltration, deathmatch, team deathmatch, elimination
GunGame, Zombies, Cops&Robbers

- Map Editor System. Which means possible In-game Map Editing.

- Full Competition Mode

- SQLite Optimizations, That means when you're running the server on dll, and the admins or other databases are relatively FULL and in this case when map restarting it can take quite some time before the map restarts, therefore we optimized the SQL to provide fast and quick "handling".

We Would also like to mention another important thing and that is, that only have the FULL rights to sell this Mod.


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